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How to limit sessions per day for Wix Bookings by using Velo's custom development

Who is our customer, and what do they do?

Channel Vivid is a video production studio in New Orleans where they create commercial content for brands + individuals while also renting space to other creatives alike.

They passionately believe that video is the most effective way to communicate a message to an audience. They understand that retention is priceless.

Combined with an experienced team and the right tools, helping brands, businesses, and individuals alike channel their stories in the most tasteful way possible is their priority.

What was our customer's goal?

Our customer's requirement was that their booking system be able to utilize pricing plans to allow members to book a specified number of sessions in the studio per month, but only for a certain amount of time per day.

How did we solve their problem?

Wix Bookings & Wix Pricing Plans allowed us to easily enable members to book a specified number of sessions per month, but limiting the duration of the sessions per day was trickier.

Fortunately, using the built-in Velo Booking Events backend system and Velo's Wix Pricing Plans Backend API, we were able to implement these limitations.

What is the Wix Bookings app?

Wix Bookings is an easy-to-use scheduling system that lets customers book services online, so you can focus on managing your business.

Whether you offer workshops, courses, or private sessions - Wix Bookings has you covered. Customers can book services directly on your site. Click to add Wix Bookings to your site.

What is Velo (Wix's Custom Development Platform)?

Velo is a full-stack development platform that empowers you to rapidly build, manage and deploy professional web applications through Wix. Click to learn more about Velo.

How did we use Velo?

First, as with all Velo Events, we had to create an 'events.js' file in the Backend section of the Code Files tab in the Wix Editor.

The next step was to hook into the Wix Bookings app Booking Confirmed event, as documented in, so that when a booking was confirmed, our system would check to see if it was booked with a Pricing Plan. If so, use the Wix Pricing Plan Backend API to get the plan details and then pull the daily limit for that Plan which was stored as a Pricing Plan perk.

Then, we used the Wix Bookings Backend to query for bookings that were made by the same member for the same day that had also been booked with their pricing plan. Once these bookings had been queried and filtered, their durations were added together to see if their daily limit had been met. If so, we then used Wix Bookings Backend API to cancel the booking and notify the customer that the booking they had attempted to book exceeded their daily limitation.

What was our customer's reaction to the solution?

"They are the type of professionals I like to work with. They figure out your needs while also setting you up for success for the long haul. Will be back for more work in the future!" Allen Esmail, Owner of Channel Vivid

Below is the code used. Check it out!

import { bookings } from "wix-bookings-backend";
import wixPricingPlansBackend from "wix-pricing-plans-backend";

const declineBookingOptions = {
  participantNotification: {
    notifyParticipants: true,
      "Sorry, but your booking request has been declined due to daily limits reached.",
  suppressAuth: true,

export async function wixBookings_onBookingConfirmed(event) {
  console.log("Booking confirmed");

  const bookingId =;
  const contactId =;
  const start =;

  let subtractDay = false;
  const startDate = new Date(start);
  const day = startDate.toISOString().split("T")[0];
  const startTime = parseInt(startDate.toISOString().split("T")[1].slice(0, 2));

  if (startTime >= 0 && startTime <= 6) {
    subtractDay = true;

  let startOfDay = day + "T06:00:00.000Z";
  let endOfDay = day + "T06:00:00.000Z";
  let startOfDayTime = new Date(startOfDay).getTime();
  let endOfDayTime = new Date(endOfDay).getTime();

  if (subtractDay) {
    let startOfYesterday = new Date(startOfDay);
    startOfYesterday.setDate(startOfYesterday.getDate() - 1);
    startOfDayTime = startOfYesterday.getTime();
    startOfDay = startOfYesterday.toISOString();
  } else {
    const newEndOfDayDate = new Date(endOfDay);
    newEndOfDayDate.setDate(newEndOfDayDate.getDate() + 1);
    endOfDayTime = newEndOfDayDate.getTime();


  const planId =;
  console.log("Plan ID = " + planId);

  if (planId) {
    const plan = await wixPricingPlansBackend
      .then((plan) => {
        return plan;
      .catch((err) => console.log("Error getting plan " + err));

    if (plan) {
      const dailyLimitPerk = plan.perks[1];
      const dailyLimit = parseInt(dailyLimitPerk.split(" ")[0]);
      console.log("Daily Limit found of " + dailyLimit + " hours per day");

      console.log("Checking for other bookings on the day");

      const queryOptions = {
        suppressAuth: true,

      const sameDayBookings = await bookings
        .eq("contactId", contactId)
        .ge("startTime", startOfDay)
        .then((bs) => {
          console.log("Bookings found for contact id: " + contactId);
          const sameDayBookings = bs.items.filter((booking) => {
            const startTime = new Date(
            console.log("Start time is " + startTime);
            const isSameDayOfBooking =
              startTime >= startOfDayTime && startTime <= endOfDayTime;
            const bookingPlan =
            if (
              isSameDayOfBooking &&
              booking._id !== bookingId &&
              bookingPlan === planId
            ) {
              return true;
            return false;

          return sameDayBookings;
        .catch((err) => {
          return [];

      console.log("Same Day Bookings");

      const durationOfOtherBookings = => {
        return (
            b.bookedEntity.singleSession.end.getTime() -
          ) / 36e5

      const sumDurations = durationOfOtherBookings.reduce(
        (sum, duration) => (sum += duration),

      console.log("Summed durations");

      if (sumDurations >= dailyLimit) {
        declineBookingOptions.participantNotification.message = `Sorry, this booking would exceed your ${dailyLimit} hour daily limit.`;
        bookings.cancelBooking(bookingId, declineBookingOptions);
    } else {
      console.log("Plan could not be found with planId: " + planId);
  } else {
    console.log("No plan id found for contact " + contactId);

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