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6 Ideas for Company Branded Swag That Won't Get Thrown in the Trash

Stuck on what branded swag to get for your business?

Tired of seeing your dollars wasted with promo items that immediately get tossed in the trash?

We created a list to help you get more bang for your buck with these swag items that your customers will want to use.

Here are 6 examples of branded swag that will not only get your customers excited but will also do a knockout job promoting your company.

If you see an item you like, imagine your business logo on it, and start ordering your very own branded swag!

#1: Coffee Cups

Who doesn't love a coffee cup as a gift? This item will always be used in the office or at home. Design your coffee cups with your company's colors. You can put your logo on it or a fun, quirky saying to let your company's personality shine through their morning coffee time! Click here for one of our favorite coffee mugs.

#2: Sweatshirts and T-shirts

Order some comfy gear with your logo on it. Sweatshirts and t-shirts are great giveaway items when done the right way. Start with quality shirts and design them with popular colors that people will want to wear and that compliment your brand.

#3: Planners and Calendars

These are great go-to's for branded swag because they will never go out of style. Help your clients and customers get organized and meet their work goals through your company's personalized organizational tools. Try using a popular collection of photographs or choosing a theme relevant to your industry for an extra special touch. Click here to check out the perfect calendar that can sit on your desk.

#4: Eco-Friendly Water Bottles and Accessories

Quality, branded water bottles will get daily use. Spice it up by picking bottles with custom straws or stainless steel accessories. The “No Straws” movement is huge today, and branding a reusable straw to go with a fancy new water bottle offers convenience and a guilt-free experience.

#5: Stuffed Animal Mascot

Does your company have a mascot for their brand? If so, make your branded swag fun by turning it into a full-size or adorable plush teddy bear to gift to your amazing customers! Check out Printify's plush toys for inspiration.

#6: Tote Bags

There are more and more environmentally conscious people in the world every single day. Tote bags work well as a marketing tool because people usually take them out shopping, and being out in public is exactly what you want your promotional item to do. Customize your tote bags here.

Done effectively, branded items can increase brand awareness, excite existing clients, and even attract new clients. Make sure your branded swag will be put to good use and not thrown away.

Need help with designing merchandise or bringing your shop online? We can help. Call us at 225-250-1888 and let's get started.

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