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2022 Holiday Shopping List: Practical Gifts for Trendy Young Professionals

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Thinking about what to buy the young professional in your life can feel challenging, so we compiled a shopping list to give you a few ideas they're sure to love!

A great way to welcome your favorite young professional into "the real world" is by gifting them useful presents that will help keep them motivated throughout their day-to-day work lives.

We compiled a few gift ideas that the young professional in your life actually needs and will want to use.

Continue reading to see what thoughtful gifts will make their lives a little easier and brighter!

Stay alert and caffeinated with these fun gifts!

1) Cold Brew Coffee Maker

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One of the most useful gifts you can give a young professional is a cold brew coffee maker. Why? Because having coffee on hand helps them stay wide awake and caffeinated.

Work days can be long and sometimes a cup of coffee is needed to carry on! A cold brew coffee maker is the perfect gift that will help them stay on track while enjoying delicious coffee throughout the day.

2) NEBO Glow - Light + Handle

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This NEBO 6668 GLOW - Light + Handle is perfect for their 30oz tumbler - YETI Rambler, Ozark Trail, and more. It is a must-have for their office, home, and car or they can take it with them on their camping and hiking trips!

Keep a firm grip on a cup while lighting up any space! Eliminate their worry of having their tumbler slip out of their hands by grabbing the NEBO Glow.

3) Funny Coffee Mug

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Having a funny coffee mug on their desk while working will help keep days light and full of laughter! This Sorry Your Password Must Contain Mug has a beautiful glaze finish. Make drinking coffee fun by getting this mug for your favorite young professional!

Don't forget to stay healthy during the holidays!

4) Yoga Mat

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A yoga mat is the perfect gift for a young professional who is trying to stay fit and motivated! Young professionals who work 9-5 can use a yoga mat for a variety of exercises and stretching whenever they want.

This yoga mat is extra thick to aid in comfort and balance. It's also great for transporting around with its nylon carrying strap.

5) Leak-Proof, Insulated Water Bottle

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This water bottle is a great reminder for a young professional to stay hydrated! Not only will they love the taste of fresh water all day but it will also help save the environment by reducing waste.

If you have a young professional, this is a great self-care gift that they can use every day!

Stay organized with a few of our favorites!

6) Desk Organizer

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Help your young professional stay organized by giving them this functional desk organizer for their office. This is a surprisingly useful gift that will help keep their workspace in order while adding some flair to their office!

7) Charging Station

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This charging station is an electronic necessity for any young professional in your life. It will help them conveniently plug all their devices into one singular outlet!

Having fully charged equipment is crucial to feeling prepared to take on the entire workday. Eliminate stress by getting them this charger for their multiple devices.

8) Portfolio Holder Binder

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This portfolio holder binder exudes a unique style while giving great modern functionality. Gift this to a young professional to help them stay organized and put together.

The interior compartments are the perfect size for holding everyday documents, magazines, letter-sized pads, cards & pens, within a sleek & stylish form factor.

Elevate your gift-giving this year with these budget-friendly tech ideas!

9) Wireless Charging Stand

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A wireless charging stand is a great gift for any young professional because of how user-friendly and convenient it is. This standing charger also comes with an array of color options you can pick from. They can set their phone at the perfect angle to check messages or video chat while powering up their device!

10) Tile Mate - Bluetooth Tracker

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You can't go wrong with gifting the Tile Mate. This Bluetooth tracker can easily hook to their everyday things like keys, purses, or bags. The Tile tracker gives them the ability to track where something is when lost or misplaced.

11) Wireless Headphones

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Gift your young professional these wireless headphones with Purebass sound. Let them wirelessly stream their devices to get on a work call or jam to their favorite playlist while working out! Pick from 4 different colors.

You can't go wrong with these gifts to keep you stylin' during the holidays!

12) Laptop Bag

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This Fjallraven Backpack is very useful and trendy for young professionals who are always on the go. If your young professional travels a lot for work, this bag would be the perfect gift. Pick between a wide array of colors to personalize it to their style!

13) Lightweight Carry On Luggage

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Your young professional will love this carry on luggage piece that will make their travel simpler and more stylish! This luggage is the perfect size for quick trips for work or leisure. The luggage comes with compartments perfect for storing their technology devices as well. Pick from an array of color options.

14) Visa Giftcard

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Lastly, you can't go wrong with a simple Visa gift card. A gift card is a great present because it allows them to pick out exactly what they want! You can also get specific and give them a gift card to their favorite store or restaurant.

We hope you found this young professional gift guide useful!

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