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How to Create an Automatic Coupon For Your Customers in Wix

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Is it possible to do an automatic coupon rather than requiring customers to enter a coupon for a sale?

The answer is... yes!

Option 1

Yes, it is possible to automate a coupon on your Wix website. However, it requires custom JavaScript code as it is not a feature that currently exists in Wix.

First, create the coupon.

Next, add this custom coding:

Auto CouponJavaScript

import { cart } from 'wix-stores';

$w.onReady(async function() {
    const currentCart = await cart.getCurrentCart();
    if(!currentCart.appliedCoupon) {
        cart.applycoupon('COUPON CODE');

Option 2

A no-code way to manage this, although it would be tedious, would be to edit the prices of the products just for the day of the sale and then change them back to their original price after you end the sale.

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