Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Digital Marketing / Advertising

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is heavily used by businesses looking to:
  • Generate and increase leads through direct calls
  • Generate and increase leads through direct messaging
  • Increase leads through web submissions
  • Increase visibility of a product or service
  • Increase website organic SEO ranking
  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase awareness of brand and/or company
Which platforms do we support for SEM?
  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Post Boosting
  • LinkedIn Post Boosting
  • Snapchat Video Ad(s)
  • Instagram Video Ad(s)
  • YouTube Video Ad(s)

What to expect when getting started?


This phase includes:

  • Discussing your goals, audience and budget

  • Analyze your competition

  • Curate your initial campaign, ad group(s) and individual ad(s)

  • Review the strategy


This phase includes:

  • Create your Ad Words account

  • Create your campaign, ad group(s) and individual ad(s)

  • Assign your daily budget

  • Add keywords and negative keywords to your campaign

  • Set location parameters and bid strategy

  • Enable campaign


This phase includes:

  • Reviewing the performance of keywords and ad(s)

  • Adjustments of bid strategy however often as needed

  • Analyzing competition and page ranking


This phase includes:

  • The review of the campaign as it pertains to your goals

  • Review the metrics displayed during a monthly period when needed

  • This is typically done monthly or quarterly

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Our Mission

To provide assistance for all of your digital marketing needs that fit within your scope, time-frame and budget.



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