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E-Commerce Checklist: Ready to sell products online?

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E-Commerce Checklist

Are you ready to sell your products online? We will discuss some of the major things to consider before getting started, so that you are fully prepared when it's time to start on your e-commerce website.

Things to have prepared:

  • High quality images of all of your products.

  • Know the dimensions and weight of your packaged products.

  • Have a name and SKU for each of your products.

  • Choose a carrier to handle your shipments (UPS, USPS, FedEx, Etc...).

  • Have a strong grasp of your product pricing and shipping of that product around your delivery area.

  • Have dedicated email account used to receive notifications of orders.

  • Know your estimated preparation and delivery time-frame.

  • Have all of your return and exchange policy documents completed.

  • Have contact information available for customers.

  • If you have different variations of products, ensure that you have pictures of the variations.

  • If you plan to offer FREE shipping, ensure that you understand the risks of customers purchasing in large quantities.

  • Have an account ready to connect for online merchant services

  • Secure a domain and professional email address to use for your company that utilizes your domain.

  • Ensure that the branding is done for your company (high quality logos, color scheme, etc...)

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