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5 Reasons Why Affinity Photo is Better Than Photoshop

Looking for an alternative to purchasing Photoshop? As someone who has used Photoshop for over a decade, I will list out why Affinity Photo is my new graphic editing software.

In full transparency, we paid for this software and are not affiliated with Affinity in any way.

5. No Subscription

Affinity Photo is only $49.99 with no subscription. Photoshop is only sold as a subscription between $9.99 or $20.99 per month.

4. Cropping

Cropping an image in Affinity is made easy, by overlaying a grid and providing common aspect ratios to choose from.

3. Text Overlays

Adjust the font size on the fly as you add the layer onto your image.

2. Blemish Correction

Affinity Photo has a convenient blemish correction tool that allows users to quickly remove blemishes from photos.

1. Exporting

When exporting in Affinity, you get the option to choose your preferred file-type, adjust the pixel aspect ratio and so much more.

* Bonus: PSD Compatible

You can import and export your Affinity files as PSDs, so that you can collaborate with users that have Photoshop.

The Ad that convinced me to give this a try.

Check it out below.

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Mark Millin
Mark Millin
Jan 19

In particular, the image background removal tool can be useful for users who are looking for a convenient way to highlight objects in photos and use them without a background in various design and creative projects. Such tools often use object recognition and artificial intelligence technologies to automatically remove the background, making the process faster and more efficient.

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